Sentry has over 200 repositories on GitHub—active, public repos, not counting forks. Here are the 27 repos that we care enough about to bring under our triage policy, grouped by category and sorted by number of stars, descending:


There are parts of Sentry that make no sense apart from Sentry.

  1. sentry
  2. self-hosted
  3. sentry-docs
  4. relay
  5. snuba
  6. snuba-sdk


Sharing is caring, and we care. These are tools that we use, and you can, too.

  1. responses
  2. symbolic
  3. symbolicator
  4. craft
  5. arroyo
  6. cdc
  7. wal2json


Sentry’s product organization is organized into the following teams, roughly ordered from most customer-facing to least. (For staff: this listing is based on the Product and Service Registry.)

NameGitHub TeamKey Repos & Product Areas
Frontend@getsentry/app-frontendsentry — cross-cutting patterns and components
Workflow@getsentry/workflowsentry — Issues, Issue Details, Releases
Visibility@getsentry/visibilitysentry — Discover, Performance, Dashboards
Ecosystem@getsentry/ecosystemsentry — Integrations
Enterprise@getsentry/enterprisesentry — Authentication, Audit Log, Onboarding
Revenue@getsentry/revenuesentry — Billing, Stats
SDKs - Web Frontend@getsentry/team-web-sdk-frontendsentry-javascript, etc.
SDKs - Web Backend@getsentry/team-web-sdk-backendsentry-python, sentry-ruby, etc.
SDKs - Mobile@getsentry/team-mobilesentry-java, sentry-cocoa, etc.
SDKs - Native@getsentry/owners-nativesentry-native, symbolicator, symbolic
Search & Storage@getsentry/snssnuba, snuba-sdk, cdc, arroyo, wal2json
Growth@getsentry/growthSandbox, Demos
Data@getsentry/databusiness dashboards
Open Source@getsentry/open-sourceself-hosted, eng-pipes, .github
Productivity@getsentry/productivitysentry, freight, eng-pipes, CI/CD
Security@getsentry/securitysentry, *
Ops@getsentry/opsgetsentry, freight


Here is more or less the same information in an infographic, organized by the flow of an event through the system.

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